Agillence Packaging is a leading biodegradable and creative design packaging supplier


From the nature, be natural products and to the nature.


Was taken from nature, and nourish the nature after use.

Creative design

We can turn your imagination into reality.

Agillence Packaging dedicates to providing high quality packaging products and outstanding services to our clients. We strive to make advances toward greater certainty for our customers by providing them with cutting-edge technology that makes a real difference.

We work with our customers to collaboratively develop and deliver Creative, Innovative, recycled and biodegradable Packaging Solutions that enhance and optimize their business and brands.
Our packaging businesses consists of  Manufacture and Design services ; our industrial businesses, which manufacture Food Packages & Wares,Paper boxes, Paper bags,Sticker, Cards, etc.

With our unique range of packaging materials, technical disciplines, material science and manufacturing capabilities, and packaging services, We take a holistic approach to providing customized solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

We are a professional packaging and service company with great passion, responsibility, and bold vision.

We are passionate and resolute in our purpose;

We act with integrity. We innovate with determination.

We are Agillence Packaging.