Mini Donut bucket

This 48 oz Mini donut bucket is perfect for sharing donut in various scenarios, such as carnival, fair, kiosk, concession stand, local night market, sports arena, etc.  it is very convenient to take away and tough enough, they may keep the bucket, and this bucket with the taste of delicious donuts will keep reminding them to come again for more. 

Decorative, Aesthetic Design

With a mini donut graphic border, bright multi-color background, and fun lettering, this bucket will add a festive atmosphere to the occasion. Plus, customers can take it home with them as a neat souvenir!

Carring Handle

Each bucket comes with a convenient yellow or customized carrying handle to make transporting the bucket a breeze.

“Hot and Fresh” Label

Labeled “Hot and Fresh,” this bucket will remind your customers of the donuts’ freshness taste and warm from their mouth to their heart by positioning a positive recognition of your donut.